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  • Beccy

    Bought this product for my mum who suffers with arthritis and spodylitis aswell as other pain. This body health rub works wonders for her leg pain esp! And has fast became her preffered way of relieving pain.

    Body Rub 
  • Susan. T

    Thanks, your joints warming ointment works wonders for my sons shoulder. I've just put some on my aching neck and after about 30 minutes its working already, very good product thanks again.

    Joints Rub 
  • Lynn. B

    I was very lucky to be the winner of Lou's competition for Nature Healing Ways and i must say how pleased i am with all the products and they contain such a relaxing aroma. The skin oil is great on any cuts, scars or dry patches and is absorbed quickly.

    Skin Rub 
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  • Bernice. C

    Have been using Lou's Skin Heal ointment on a dry patch on my shoulder, now it has almost disappeared This patch has been there for ages and I've only been using the ointment for a few weeks. Thanks Lou

    Skin Rub 
  • Katy. R

    I was skeptical at first as to whether, a purely natural remedy, would work? After using these products, I can safely say they DO work. I feel better on the inside and my anxiety has drastically reduced to almost nothing, just the occasional flutter. Thank you so much. I would recommend these products to everyone and urge even the most harsh critics, to try it at least once!!

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  • Tara. M

    My stepson sprained his ankle and we put Lou's ointment on and the swelling went down within a couple of hours so the next day he was able to walk on it again. Highly recommend products are fabulous

    Joints Rub 
  • Hazel. W

    I used the Skin heal toning oil the whole way through my pregnancy and absolutely loved it. As I was pregnant over Christmas I had lots of other oils and creams specifically marketed at pregnant women and I have to say none of them compared to this one, it's amazing value for money and definitely works. Thanks Lou xx

    Skin Rub 
  • Cat. W

    I absolutely love lous products, ive been using the warming joint ointment on rsi prone wrists. It works wonderfully and soothes the area especially after work. Lous lovely and gives good advice with her products, ive got a few on my wishlist!

    Joints Rub 
  • Colin. W

    Joint warming ointment is brilliant for acing muscles and arthrtic joinnts.

    Joints Rub 
  • Christine. C

    I recently got in touch with Lou as i'd broken my toe and it was raking a very long time to heal. She made me an oinment and within a day the swelling reduced and pain was subsided. It's now healing beautifully and i cannot recommend her enough.

    Body Rub 
  • Sonja. O

    Fell and severely sprained my wrist, within a few hours of using nature healing ways body heal rub the swelling started to reduce, after 3 days wrist and hand completely back to normal, swelling bruise and pain all gone. Highly recommended. Thankyou to Nature Healing Ways.

    Body Rub 
  • Jason. T

    I got knocked down by a car last year which shattered my t9 vertebrae.. Nothing the doctors can do due to the nature of the fracture. Started using one of lou's ointments and felt the effects right away. I usually feel aches all day but that has subsided after the treatment, I would recommend any ointments from Nature Healing Ways.

    Joints Rub